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Matcha Warrior - 30g tin

organic green tea powder

The Matcha Warrior is an organic green tea powder, grown in in the fields of Nishio, Japan. It is an excellent go-to morning boost and has been taken for years by Samurai warriors and Buddhist monks for its high antioxidant profile (137x compared to regular green tea) and health benefits.

Made of 100% pure stone-ground Japanese certified organic tea leaves, we do not add additives, chemical flavourings or fillers to ensure that you’re able to experience the full health benefits of the entire leaf which deliver life-force vitamins and minerals to you while creating a state of calm alertness. Stir it in and centre yourself.

What it does? It has been said to boost concentration, metabolism, detoxification, increase energy levels, making you feel centred, grounded and strong (like a warrior).

What it doesn’t do? Give you anxiety, lead to a caffeine-induced crash or give you heart palpitations all synonymous with the over-consumption of coffee.

30g / 1.05oz (approx. 30 servings)

My Matcha Warrior is grown in Nishio, the Aichi Prefecture of Japan. Nishio’s climate, fertile soil and fresh water produce tea leaves that are more nutrient-rich than others in the region.            

Grown in 3 layer shades of cover maximizes chlorophyll and amino-acid content in leaves.            

Hand-picked by farmers ensures that only young leaves and buds are chosen, ensuring highest product quality               

Granite- grounding  - ground in the traditional way by granite stones in a carefully-controlled environment, protecting the nutrients in the matcha. Some matchas use air pulverization methods to grind the leaves, but that friction can damage the nutrients.              

Laboratory tested at labs in Singapore and Japan to ensure nutrient profile and quality.


For the matcha purist

Add 1/2 teaspoon of powder to hot (not boiling) water and stir.

For the latte lover

Add ½ teaspoon matcha to a splash of hot water. Stir until mixture becomes smooth paste. Stir 200ml milk of choice into mixture. Steam until hot. Sweeten with a honey or any sweetener of choice and enjoy.


Matcha Warrior - 30g tin


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